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Little Rock Founder, Lilly Oyare and EPN's Judy Craig

In November, 2012 the first Little Rock nursery school graduates take their national 8th grade exams, the test that determines which secondary school (if any) a student qualifies for. And Eliminate Poverty Now will award scholarships to the boy and girl graduates of Little Rock with the highest scores on their national exams. The scholarship will cover 4 years of secondary education at the best secondary school (local, regional or national) the child qualifies for. By 2016 we will have 8 Little Rock Scholars in secondary school at a time (a boy and girl in each of Grades 9-12).

Eliminate Poverty Now started the Little Rock Scholars program to enable the brightest graduates of Little Rock Early Childhood Development Centre to attend secondary school. We are very excited about this program--we believe it will give these children an opportunity to escape the extreme poverty of the slum, and that their success will inspire other children. And Lilly expects 7 of these children to qualify for the top national secondary schools!

The funds required are not minimal, but they are not exorbitant: $3,600 per child ($900/year for four years). Tuition is about $650, supplies $150 and transportation back and forth $100.

Every dollar you give will help us help these incredible kids.

Meet Some of the Amazing Little Rock Scholar Candidates:


“My parents did not finish school and people call them names, which really makes me sad. I would like to be a well-known doctor. I pray I will not die young so that I can     work hard and take my parents out of this slum. I know what is waiting for me in the  future. I know it will happen. We must work hard to achieve our goals and dreams.”     


“Unfortunately, my father died in 2007. I only live with my mom. I remember that my father used to tell me that hard work pays. So I am working hard so that I can be a pilot. I take art, mathematics and social studies, all to help me become a pilot. My favorite sport is football because it keeps you busy. My mom supports me in all that I do. Thank you for being here."   


“My goals are to make good decisions in my life. I should not make bad decisions in my life, I should make good decisions so that I can help my parents, so that I can move them from where they are living right now. When I grow up, I’d like to help those students who can’t help themselves, who are in the streets, who don’t have food. And that is my wish to God, that one day he will give me courage so that I can help them."

In addition to the outstanding children who qualify for scholarships, we hope the program motivates all serious students to work hard on their studies and prepare for their national exams. We want to give as many children as possible the opportunity to move on to secondary school. To that end, Eliminate Poverty Now funds salaries for tutors to work after school hours with primary school students so they can excel in their studies.


Watch Lilly Oyare talk about Little Rock--you can really see her beautiful spirit shine.

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