When you donate to Eliminate Poverty Now, you can specify which project you would like your donation to go to. Make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one as a gift.

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Please be aware that 100% of your donation goes directly to helping people, because Eliminate Poverty Now's Board of Directors pays all overhead and administrative expenses.

Any amount can help! Here's how a donation to Eliminate Poverty Now can be put to use:

$15 =
Disposable sanitary pads for one girl for one year.
$25 =
Give A Girl A Future: Reusable sanitary pads will last for 5 years of secondary school.
$50 =
A desk and school uniform for one year
$70 =
One year’s tuition for a child at Little Rock ECD Centre
$100 =
Sewing center supplies
$200 =
One sewing machine
$450 =
One embroidery machine
$900 =
Little Rock Scholars: One year’s tuition at a National secondary boarding school in Kenya
$1,000 =
Feeds 450 children at Little Rock ECD Centre for one month 


  1. Please accept our donation of $200.00 to go towards the devastation in Niger in honor of the extraordinary generosity of Judy and John Craig
    from Leslie and Warren Simmons

  2. Dear Leslie and Warren - Thank you for this amazing gift. This will take care of several families. Love, Judy

  3. Amazing hard work by John and Helen touting the success of future farmers program and seeking future funds-A donation has been made as a congrats on getitng the word out. Nancy Barnett