Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Rock Scholars #2: Meet Vincent

 Little Rock Scholars- Vincent

Vincent is an intelligent, gracious, and hard-working young man.

We met him in that same classroom where we met Jane and the other candidates for the Little Rock Scholars program. He did not speak for as long as the girls, but the words he did share were powerful and well-spoken.

“Unfortunately, my father died in 2007. I only live with my mom. I remember that my father used to tell me that hard work pays. So I am working hard so that I can be a pilot. I take art, mathematics and social studies, all to help me become a pilot. My favorite sport is football because it keeps you busy. My mom supports me in all that I do. Thank you for being here."   

We have no doubt that given the opportunities and resources he deserves, he will go on to make his dreams come true.

He WILL become a pilot.

It would be a privilege to send Vincent to secondary school.
He WILL change the world.

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