Our Philosophy

Much has been written about aid to Africa being counterproductive, especially when large sums are given at the national level. Aid, the argument goes, kills initiative and promotes dependence and corruption. We’ve seen enough to suspect those criticisms may have merit.

Eliminate Poverty Now is not in the aid business. We focus on investment. We believe in helping people help themselves to improve their lives through their own initiative and hard work.
Our investment falls into two broad categories:
• Investing in projects with an immediate economic return.
• Investing in education for adults as well as children to enhance their future earnings potential and prospects in life.
And, as former business people, we look to create the biggest bang for the buck and make efficient use of available talent and money.
Specifically, we look to invest in projects that:
• Offer significant economic improvement for the participating individuals.
• Become self-sustaining over time, paying back the initial investment and recycling funds within the community to create a “virtuous cycle.”
• Promote the earnings potential and future prospects for women.
• Carry high odds of success and are quick and easy to implement.
• Build skills and capabilities within the community.
• Serve as a model for what is possible, demonstrating the potential in specific types of intervention.
All of our investments are made at the local level and with partners who take direct responsibility for successful project implementation.

To find out more about our projects, how you can help, please visit our website.