Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Rock Scholars #1: Meet Jane

     Little Rock Scholars- Jane

A much better photo of Jane where her beautiful spirit shines
Jane is an intelligent, articulate, spiritual fifteen-year-old girl.  Her inspiration comes from God, from her parents, from her siblings, from Little Rock Early Childhood Development Center.

We met her – along with other candidates for the Little Rock Scholars program – in a classroom lit only by natural light. The photo doesn’t do justice to what a beautiful young woman she is. We wish you could see how expressive her face and hands are – and how amazingly articulate and inspiring she is.

“My parents did not finish school and people call them names, which really makes me sad. I would like to be a well-known doctor. I pray I will not die young so that I can     work hard and take my parents out of this slum. I know what is waiting for me in the  future. I know it will happen. We must work hard to achieve our goals and dreams.”     

We have no doubt that given the opportunities and resources she deserves, she will do all she dreams of.

She WILL become a well-known doctor.
She WILL take her parents out of the slum.

It would be a privilege to send Jane to secondary school.
She WILL change the world.

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