Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Rock Scholars #3: Meet Millicent

 Little Rock Scholars- Millicent

At fifteen years old, MIllicent is a compassionate, spiritual, earnest girl with forgiveness in her heart.  Her inspiration comes from God, from her mother, and from Little Rock Early Childhood Development Center.

When we listened to Millicent tell her story, we were struck by the maturity with which she spoke of her unsupportive father. She spoke of him often in her story, and did not try to make excuses for his disappointing behavior, yet she includes him in her prayers and wishes to take both of her parents out of the slums someday.

My goals are to make good decisions in my life. I should not make bad decisions in my life, I should make good decisions so that I can help my parents, so that I can move them from where they are living right now. When I grow up, I’d like to help those students who can’t help themselves, who are in the streets, who don’t have food. And that is my wish to God, that one day he will give me courage so that I can help them.  

We have no doubt that given the opportunities and resources she deserves, she will do all she dreams of.

She WILL help students in need.
She WILL take her parents out of the slum.

It would be a privilege to send Millicent to secondary school.
She WILL change the world.

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