Our Founders

John and Judy Craig are co-founders of Eliminate Poverty Now.

John has focused his “second career” on promoting economic development in the developing world. John retired from his first career in 2003. He spent 26 years working in marketing and general management for Kraft Foods and Warner-Lambert. While at Kraft, John spent 8 years as President of Lender’s Bagels, helping that company successfully realize its mission to “bagelize America.” At Warner-Lambert, John served 8 years as President of Adams USA, a company marketing such well-known brands as Trident and Dentyne gum, Certs mints and Halls cough drops. In addition to his work with Eliminate Poverty Now, John guest lectures on the topic of leadership in business under the broad theme of “How nice guys and nice organizations can finish first.”

Judy is John’s wife, mother to Ruth and Liz, and mother-in-law to Brian. Judy worked for one large company, started and sold one small company, and then left the paid workforce to raise Ruth and Liz, and to work as a volunteer in Jewish and community organizations. Her particular passion is helping poor women achieve greater earnings potential.

Both Judy and John received their MBAs from Harvard University in 1976.