Monday, March 4, 2013

EPN Receives Grant for Women's Tree Nursery

Eliminate Poverty Now is proud to announce that we are the recipient of a $2,000 grant, given to us by Jared Boyd's Macroeconomics class at Henry Ford Community College! 
Boyd's BEC 151: Macroeconomics class
Here's an excerpt from an article written about the grant:
"HFCC Business and Economics Instructor Jared Boyd received an HFCC Presidential Mini-Grant of $2,500 from the College in 2012 to fund his “Learning Through Giving,” a project that helps students learn about the importance of supporting global charitable organizations that assist people in need.
“Learning Through Giving” required students in Boyd’s BEC 151: Macroeconomics class to act as a charity board responsible for deciding how to allocate a donation of $2,500. Students researched international statistics to find nations with a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of $2,500 or less. They researched the institutions, cultures and local issues in the impoverished nations, evaluated the nations based on the developed criteria, and decided on a justifiable nation to direct the funds." Click here to read the rest of the article.

After their research, the students decided to award $2,000 of their grant money to EPN! The money will go towards Farmers of the Future, specifically one of the new Women's Tree Nurseries. The nurseries are sized to hold 12,000 trees each.  

Participating women learn how to graft trees in sessions like the ones held this past August for members of the nursery at the Gueriguindi school.  This nursery began operation last fall, and will begin selling its trees this June. Half the proceeds are shared among the women, while the other half covers operating costs and pays school fees for the entire community.

For more photos of women learning how to graft trees, visit our Flickr page!

We are so grateful to Boyd and his class for their generosity and support. We are blown away by all of the good news coming our way lately, and we offer our humble thanks to Jared Boyd, all the members of his BEC 151: Macroeconomics class, and to each and every one of you!

If you'd like to contribute to funding the Women's Tree Nurseries, just click here to donate now

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  1. We've had some nice responses through email and wanted to share!

    "This is an important milestone in the concept of Farmers of the Future.
    Congratulations and all best wishes for future initiatives.
    Yitzchak Abt"

    "Congrats!!" -Pablo