Monday, February 25, 2013

EPN Featured in Report from Gonzaga University!

We recently were contacted by Dr. Mark Alfino, a professor at Gonzaga University and co-director with Dr. Susan Norwood of a study-abroad program that brings Gonzaga students to Benin in August each year to study the culture of Benin and sustainable development. They are experts in the field, having done a variety of work over the 7 years of the program, including a successful water filtration program, health education, and community support for a village palm oil project. Last year, they began documenting outcomes for farm interns from the Songhai Centre in Porto Novo, and last summer, they visited two farms of EPN loan recipients, Elvire and Rebecca


We were thrilled when Dr. Alfino sent us a report they had written about Elvire and Rebecca's farms. He wrote, "With training and knowledge from Songhai and financial support from Eliminate Poverty Now, Elvie and [her husband] Abeguedo have a chance that only a few farmers in Benin have-- to become rural entrepreneurs." 

The entire report really captures the project so well, and we decided to share it so that you can really get an idea of exactly how Elvire, Rebecca, and other women like them who receive loans from EPN through Songhai are being helped by YOU, our amazing and generous donors! We hope you enjoy it, as well as the amazing photos Dr. Alfino also gave us from his visit.

Elvie and Rebecca by Dr. Mark Alfino


  1. We had a lovely response from one of our blog readers, shared with permission below:

    What a heart warming story of success! You should be proud of yourselves. Your project is really showing results of your hard work! Love, Mimi "Starfish One By One"

    Thank you for your kind words and support, Mimi!

  2. HEre's another nice response we got:

    "How wonderful that Dr. Alfino of Gonzaga University has taken notice of the work of EPN. It follows that others will too.

    Edith Brenner"