Monday, March 11, 2013

News from Niger

We are very pleased to let you all know that our sheep-raising program in Gonzare, Niger ("Elevage") is expanding on its own! The first group of 20 women we funded will continue with their training, and have even made enough profit to help Eliminate Poverty Now fund sheep for some of the second group of 20 women.

EPN will also provide funding for vet costs, training, and medication for the full group of 40. Our hope is that after this year, the first group will be completely self-sustaining, and that the women involved in the project will continue to be able to help each other and expand the program further.

Our sewing/literacy center in Galbal ("Kuluje") is continuing to operate with the first 23 women. There's lots of brainstorming going on; we are looking for ways to improve the project by expanding income-generating activities and opportunities for women in the village. We want to do the absolute best we can for them as we help give them the tools so that they can do the best for themselves, and we are excited about some of the possibilities being discussed. Make sure to check back here for updates! We'll certainly share news when we have it.

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  1. A comment from Mike Mitchell: "Very good Anna, results speak for itself. :-)"

    Thank you for the supportive words, Mike!