Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Songhai Women's Capital Fund #3

 Rebecca Madjro

Rebecca graduated from Songhai in December 2011 and already has her small rabbit business up and running. She has 6 breeding rabbits right now, and one of the females just gave birth to 6 new babies! The first time Rebecca laid her eyes on a rabbit was during her training at Songhai. Since that day her professional goal was to start raising rabbits not only for her own profit, but to provide protein to people in her community. 

With the Eliminate Poverty Now loan, not only can she expand her small rabbit husbandry business, but she is also able to start a market garden to replicate the integrated system of agriculture that Songhai promotes. 

Rebecca wants to take the integrated system of production that Songhai teaches and turn it into a reality.  The photo to the left is the area inside of Rebecca’s concession where she plans to start her urban garden. Since Rebecca lives in Cotonou, the capital, this sets a great example for others to grow their own nutritious food right in their own homes. Rebecca also plans to have a larger garden outside of Cotonou for a greater production of vegetables. 

Rebecca is extremely excited to expand her business.

"Through my training at Songhai I saw the relationship between agriculture and animal husbandry. I saw how they re-enforced each other and thought that is an easy, good way to decrease poverty. I want to do that."

Here is the video of Rebecca telling her story from our Songhai visit, with the translator. We hope you enjoy it.

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  2. Thank you for your participation!