Friday, August 10, 2012

Thank You...

This post is a simple thank you to all of our readers. We have been receiving wonderful feedback and support recently, especially after our recent news about EPN being registered with USAID (in case you missed it, view the post here!). 

We received an especially lovely note from Hamani Djibo, founder and director of the NGO LIBO, our partner in Niger. Hamani wrote (translated from French by our newest volunteer, Frank Gotier),

"I just want to inform you that this news made a lot of people happy in our community. EPN is changing lives here in Niger, especially in the rural town of Libore.
We cannot gather everyone to celebrate this major event which is bringing a lot of hope to all of us.
All we can do is congratulate the Craig couple, John and Judy, for taking on this bet and winning it step by step.
And they are making it happen because they have faith in what they do.
They are role models (inspirations)."

Hamani's support, and yours, means the world to us. EPN could not thrive without you, and for that we are so, so grateful.

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