Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Urgent Plea To Help Those Devastated by Flooding in Niger

When your friends cry out for help, how do you answer?

Water is waist deep in many areas

Eliminate Poverty Now doesn’t do disaster relief, but weeks of heavy rain in Niger have caused massive flooding. One third of the 32,000 people in the Liboré villages where we work have been affected, and while international aid is beginning to trickle in, our friends have an immediate need for basics such as safe drinking water, food, and mosquito bed nets. 

Village damage

They have asked for our help, and we are doing our best to come to their aid by spreading the word and giving what we can, and by asking you to join us in our effort. Please send what you can to Eliminate Poverty Now for Liboré Disaster Relief. Every little bit helps.

-$10 buys a water bucket and bed net. 
-$50 buys a bucket, a bed net, and a 100 kg bag of grain.

Abandoned animals

We ask that you please pass this message on to 20 friends to help spread the word; there’s been no news coverage of this natural disaster in the US, but this recent article from the BBC is one of the better we’ve seen. 

Thank you.

Flooded rice fields

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