Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bill Gates Likes What EPN is All About

Have you heard the news? Last week, the Gates Foundation announced $200 million in Agricultural Development Grants!

In the speech he gave at the IFAD conference, Bill Gates confirmed the approach we take at Eliminate Poverty Now, saying:

“If you care about the poorest, you care about agriculture...Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people. The international agriculture community needs to be more innovative, coordinated, and focused to help poor farmers grow more. If we can do that, we can dramatically reduce suffering and build self-sufficiency.”

There's a great blog post at ICRISAT, an article on the Philanthropy News Digest, and you can read the speech posted in its entirety on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.

Here's another quote from Gates, which reflects our own mission at EPN:

“The goal is to move from examples of success to sustainable productivity increases to hundreds of millions of people moving out of poverty...If we hope to meet that goal, it must be a goal we share. We must be coordinated in our pursuit of it. We must embrace more innovative ways of working toward it. And we must be willing to be measured on our results.”

This thinking is what drives Eliminate Poverty Now's projects, like Farmers of the Future, The Women's Cooperative Garden in Mali, the warehouse cooperative in Uganda, and the elevage program in Niger.
At work in the Women's Cooperative Garden in Mali

Some Farmers of the Future!
The sentiments expressed by Bill Gates are what EPN is all about, and the goals mentioned are very much our goals.

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