Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our newest project - a bit like Heifer, a bit like Kiva - 100% Eliminate Poverty Now

So much is happening these days at Eliminate Poverty Now.

Our latest project is Women's Embouche (generally translated as animal fattening) in the village cluster of Libore, Niger. The project was suggested by the women you see pictured here.

Embouche is a proven income generator, and traditionally a women's activity in this part of the world, so it's right in line with our focus on providing women with agricultural entrepreneurial opportunities.

Here's how it works: Eliminate Poverty Now will lend twenty women the funds to purchase three sheep each: a ram and two ewes. These sheep tend to twin, so after the breeding season each woman will hopefully have four lambs. She will sell the original sheep to repay the loan, and the four lambs will form the basis for her new flock. In Niger, there is a local demand for lamb, especially at certain holidays, which will provide income for the women.

Participants will be required to apply for these loans and to commit some of their own funds. Agricultural and veterinary support, as well as loan administration, will be handled by the ngo LIBO, our partner in Libore, whose staff has experience in these areas. As the loans are repaid, the money will be lent out to others who will each purchase three sheep, creating a revolving fund which we hope will change the lives of women for years to come.

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