Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making a Priceless Investment in the Future of Remarkable Young Africans

In this world of haves and have-nots, the students who graduate from Little Rock Inclusive ECD Centre in the slums of Nairobi Kenya are in a different class of “less fortunate.” Tucked in among hills of garbage, their homes often lack electricity and running water, and it’s common to have 8-10 people living in a 150 square foot space. Just walking through the alleyways of Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, is an assault on the senses.

Enduring hardship that no adult should have to face, these kids have wisdom and courage beyond their years. It is amazing to meet them. One can’t help but wonder how they have not been crushed by the devastating conditions in which they live. They know what it means to be left behind, and fully recognize that education is their way out. Helping them escape the slums in order to achieve their dreams is a priceless investment.

We are asking you to give them the education to escape the slums and lift themselves, and their families, out of extreme poverty. We hope you will take six and a half minutes to watch this video about the scholarship program to get a real sense of who these kids are and how they live, and how this program changes their lives.

You can offer support by choosing to:

1.     Sponsor a student for a full 4-year scholarship = $4,000*

-You will receive the student's name, photo, and the opportunity to establish an on-going personal relationship for years to come.

2.     Sponsor a student for 1 year of school = $1,000*

-You will receive the student's name, photo and letter of thanks from the student for supporting their secondary education.

With your generous donations last school year, Eliminate Poverty NOW sent 6 of these talented kids, whom you met in the above video, to secondary school with full scholarships.

Now there is a second group of seventeen students scheduled to take the exams this fall, including Emily and others. You can watch each of them telling their stories on YouTube.

These kids are Kibera’s best and brightest. They are hardworking, determined, extraordinarily motivated, and amazingly resilient. They give us hope because they are an inspiration—a triumph of the human spirit. We hope you will seize this opportunity to help change a child’s life forever.

You can click here to donate or contact Helen Greenberg by email ( or telephone (908.725.2325) with your questions or pledges. 

*Can be financed as pledges paid out over time

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