Thursday, June 20, 2013

Olive Tree Pictures Produces Farmers of the Future Video

We were thrilled when we were contacted by Olive Tree Productions to do a short documentary about Farmers of the Future.  Olive Tree Productions is a "non-profit organization empowering other non-profits and ministries to tell their stories through documentaries and short films in order to reach the hearts of viewers and ultimately provide more resources for each organization as they work to see lives transformed." 

Empower, indeed! The final product has far surpassed our expectations or what we could have imagined when we first started out. 

They have produced a WONDERFUL short documentary about Farmers of the Future that really captures the spirit and essence of the project. We hope you will take 5 minutes to watch-- we are delighted to share this video with you! Please help us thank the awesome people at Olive Tree Productions for their amazing work and support. We are so grateful to have this beautiful video as a resource and tool that we can use.

You can check out more amazing short films and documentaries on the Olive Tree Productions website.

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