Friday, January 4, 2013

Rotary Project Plans Taking Shape

Rotary is a wonderful organization with a goal of providing service to the community, the workplace and around the globe. It supports a wide range of projects that include education and job training, providing clean drinking water, combating hunger, improving health and sanitation, and eradicating polio. When a number of clubs get behind an initiative and get matching grants at the District and International level, the amount of funding can be significant.

Temporary tent camp for displaced flood victims.
Rotary has been active in Niger for many years. John met with Gaston Kaba and Halima Hamza from one of the Rotary clubs in the capital city of Niamey. Gaston has been involved with over 30 international grants.  During our visit we saw many water wells funded by Rotary, and many Shelter Box tents providing temporary housing for those displaced by the flooding in September, which were the worst floods the region has seen in 50 years.
Dov with Rotary Team members discussing plans
for the mothers tree nursery at Galbal.
John and Judy and have been working with members of their local club in Carbondale, Colorado to drum up support behind several projects. The first of these is to build tree nurseries at 2 of the Farmers of the Future pilot schools as part of the mother’s income-generating component of the program. The economics of the nurseries look very attractive. Participating mothers will keep half the proceeds for themselves, and half will go to offset nursery costs and support for their village school.

FOF tree nursery at the Gueriguindi school.
The second project is to connect the Ecole Centre primary school to the new government water pipe. The connection will provide water for 350 students at the school and for a mother’s for-profit vegetable garden. The garden will be created in vacant space inside the school yard and, like the tree nurseries, provide income for 15-20 participating mothers, cover garden operating costs and support the Ecole Centre school. In the process, EPN will prepare the school to be a potential fourth pilot site for the FOF program.
School buildings at Ecole Centre.
The water connection will provide water to 350 students.

During the week in Niger, John had several meetings to flesh out plans for these projects and begin developing the grant application information.

Typical ground without irrigation

The power of irrigation.
This bed of cabbage is yards away from the previous photo.
We are hoping to move forward with the tree nurseries this spring, and with the Ecole Centre project this summer, so keep checking back for updates!


  1. This is great! My friend Peggy Asseo is the Vice President for Develpment at Rotary International in Evanston, IL. I told her about this and sent her the blog post.


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