Tuesday, November 27, 2012

John's Heading to Africa!

It's been a hectic month for many people, between storms and floods and holidays, etc, and the time has flown. Now, though, it's time for John to fly--back to Africa!

This trip will be shorter than the last one, and will focus largely on the development of Farmers of the Future. Even though FOF has been around for a little while now, the program didn't launch in its entirety until October, and John will be there for the ceremony celebrating the full launch of Farmers of the Future. There may even be some important and exciting guests in attendance, so stay tuned here for more news after the fact! The trip promises to be one of celebrating all that has been accomplished, while also looking forward and figuring out how to further develop Farmers of the Future, and maybe some other projects, too.

At this time of year when so many holidays come about, please remember that we are always ever-so thankful for you and your continued support!

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