Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elevage Update

It's been far too long since we've written about our Elevage (sheep raising) project in Niger.

This income-generating program in Gonzare, Niger provides 20 women with micro-loans to purchase breeding sheep to begin building their own flocks. After 2 rounds of breeding, adults are sold to repay the loan. Lambs become the basis of the new--and fully owned-- new flock (please read the original post for more details).

 We hope you enjoy these pictures of the women involved, as well as some of their animals from John and Judy's last trip to Africa. For more pictures, visit us on Flickr.

Below is the final report on the project, which tells us that everyone involved has been satisfied with how it's gone. We've provided the whole report, so if you're interested in more details, please take a look! We are so grateful EPN volunteer, Frank Gontier, for his translation of the document.

Rapport Elevage (Translation)

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