Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s time for ThanksGiving

Eliminate Poverty Now made its first grant exactly a year ago, after growing out of work the Craigs had been doing in Africa since 2005.

So it’s an opportune time to reflect on what’s been accomplished. But that’s for another blog. Right now, we want to thank the people who made the accomplishments possible. There are so many wonderful people who have helped us, and I am sure I will forget someone. Those of you I have omitted, please forgive me – but please also give me a gentle reminder so I can correct the omission.

First, our Board, who have been so generous with their time and so supportive of making the Craigs’ vision a reality. Thank you Liz Craig, Rich Finkelstein, Becca Nelson, Eric Nelson, and Larry Samuels. And an enormous thank you to Margie Samuels, for performing double duty this year as Secretary and acknowledging all the donations. Without this group of terrific supporters, our 501-c-3 could never have been born.

We are blessed because so many people have stepped up to help. You already have heard about Eliana Arian, Sam and Harriet Lapkin, Adar Netef, Matt Twomey, and Susan Werk. We also have some fantastic new volunteers:

Debbie Leon – Donor Relations; Ellen Arian – Outreach to North American Girls and Women; and Kasi Dean – College Volunteer Coordinator (from left to right below):

There are the business and professional people who have been generous with their wisdom and their products and services: Scott Fortunoff of A.E. Nathan, Vicky True of Better World B2B, Gabi Schaffzin of Barely Concealed Narcissism, Charlie Abraham and Dave Sager of Day Pitney LLP, Jen Grana of Juniper Designs, Madeleine Shaw of Lunapads, Marilyn Rose of Marilyn Rose Design, Mitch Eichen and Oleg Ikhelson of The MDE Group, Abby Kanter and Bob Weiner of the New Jersey Jewish News, and Bob DeNatale.

We honor the friends who have given advice in crucial areas: Jan Hough Bottcher, Pete Brach, Sergio Burani, Liz Craig, Eric Falk, Jocelyn Gilman, Ruth Herr, Mayda Kale, Diane Klein, Christine Lotze, Rick Miners, Kaveh Naficy, Rebekah Raz, Jeri Sedlar, Mimi Schlumberger, Rabbi Alan Silverstein, Hellen Spanjer, Dan Twomey, Branch Watkins and Peter Wentworth.

We are privileged to have been able to partner with people who inspire and awe us: Dr. Dov Pasternak; Lilly Oyare of Little Rock Early Childhood Development Centre; Hamani Djibo of ONG-LIBO; Robin Mednick of Pencils for Kids; Rustom Masalawala; Alice Chepkurui, Stanley Mungai and Sammy Maina of Nanyuki Handcrafts; and the dedicated people of the Millennium Villages Project and of MASHAV.

And we are deeply grateful to our donors for their financial support.

With such broad and deep backing, it has been a momentous first year and we look forward to going from strength to strength.

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