Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our amazing volunteer

Eliminate Poverty Now has the most amazing volunteer. Eliana Arian is truly an extraordinary young woman. She - along with the rest of the women in her family - has taken a real interest in Eliminate Poverty Now. They do so much: collect coins in a large jar on their kitchen counter, talk about our work with others, call with ideas for how to reach out to others, and lots more.

Eliana has involved her friends in the work we're doing. She and her friend Adar spent an afternoon packing up the beautiful notecards which are sold on our website, and which we give in appreciation for larger donations.

Eliminate Poverty Now is helping all these people lift themselves out of poverty.

And this week Eliana gave a 45 minute presentation about Eliminate Poverty Now!!! She spoke to the 8th grade girls at her school, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, about all the work of Eliminate Poverty Now, with a special emphasis on Pads for Peace. There are about 20 girls, and lots of them want to participate in our penpal program. They will correspond with girls their age in the Sauri, Kenya Millennium Village Cluster.

The Sauri girls received the very large donation of Always pads from Procter & Gamble. Pads For Peace (with help from donors and the Congregation Agudath Israel Women's Seder) facilitated the gift, and paid for the transportation.

So if you know of any young people - and youth is a state of mind, right? - who want to volunteer, we'd love to have them. Let us know if you want help making a presentation about Eliminate Poverty Now - we have slideshows and prepared material you can share with the group. Some schools have started a penpal program (6th-8th graders, girls or boys). Other schools have run fundraisers to support a specific Eliminate Poverty Now project, like Little Rock Early Childhood Development Centre

Eliana has set a high standard, but now we have a role model to guide us!

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