Sunday, February 14, 2010

January 25, 2010 - We're Off

Dear friends,
Ok let's get this out of the way up front: I have a stress fracture of my left foot (my own fault - too much running last summer) and I'm schlepping around in a big clunky orthopedic Aircast boot. And I'm worried that I'll be uncomfortable and will make everybody around me really miserable.

John and I had a good talk last night and decided to do our best to baby my foot and - worst comes to worst I can always fly home early if I'm too uncomfortable. Or too whiny.

So far (somewhere over Nova Scotia, everything is great. The limo driver was Israeli and a part-time cantor. He sang a few lines of Yedid Nefesh for me. And he played us a cd of Avraham Fried which he said he will burn and send us a copy of. Pretty funny, right?

More good things: There was no line at security. I got extra screening so I didn't have to remove the boot. The Asian veggie meal on Air France was delicious - and probably the last time I'll eat uncooked fruit and veggies for a while.

One bad thing: they didn't honor the seat assignment John was so proud of arranging. Bumped by some Elite flyer. But the plane is not even half full so we've spread out and should be able to lie across a few seats. Perchance to sleep.

Night night.

I love you all.


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